What does >>>Soundsurface))) stand for?

Soundsurface is a combination of the words "sound" and "surface". The ">>>" stands for electricity and the")))" for sound.

That is why you can read and understand >>>Soundsurface))) as follows: With ">>>" (electricity) Soundsurface is able to create ")))" (sound). I have chosen this name because my aim always is to create self-made sounds for my productions. I do not care about ongoing musical styles and how things should sound like. If I like it, you hopefully like it too. I try to give my sounds the right to exist; they should have an independent existence and the possibility to develop on the current track. I am not a friend of big libraries with samples and patches. To me, producing music means to keep full control of the sound. I start every track from scratch and want to avoid getting into a circle of repeats when I produce music.

Most bands have a distinct recognition value. At first, this is nice because if you listen to the radio and a new single of "Band X" sounds from your loudspeakers you can recognize "Band X" right away. But is this the ultimate aim? Wouldn't it be more interesting to bypass the pabulum? Could it not be nicer to have no recognition value and surprise the listeners with every track? I think that would be nicer. Having a recognition value could give listeners the feeling that tracks of "Band X" always follow the same loop and that they are not developing enough. All tracks sound similar and not novel. This aspect could be boring in the length of time for people who enjoy music mindfully. Apparently, no recognition value could mean a higher risk of disappointment for your tracks, if some listeners liked the character of a specific track and thought this pattern would continue in further tracks. To sum it up, it is safe to say that having a recognition value is the business card of a band today. It is also safe to say that having no recognition value is a business card too, because you can stick out of the mass and abscond the pabulum. I think it is important to have a route. My route is to have no recognition value if possible. This is part of my mindset for creating timeless and novel music.

It took some years to find out which musical style is the right one for creating interesting music and finally the right one for my releases. I am not a friend of stereotyped thinking related to musical styles, but I think for my first release "Who Wants To Feel Has To Listen" the term "Electronic Ambient" fits perfectly. This description for my music is not bad because this musical style combines a lot of things I like, for example: pad sounds, unusual beats, experimental sounds and so on. "Electronic Ambient" also gives me the maximum of possibilities to live out my creativity because everything is allowed.

Please know that Soundsurface is not only a project for me, but also a way for me to let people enjoy music more mindful and defining their musical awareness in a complete new way.