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nice of you to visit my website. No matter whether you have found me accidentally or deliberately, i am delighted. You see in this section the latest big news at a glance. For all the other news please visit the social networks in which i am represented. To do this just check out the section "links" on this website.

Shout out to all the fans for visiting my website in 2019. I wish you a happy new year and all the best for your families.

My next Release "Beautiful Redundancy" - Why is it not published yet?

Since 2007 i had no time and extra energy to work on my next release "Beautiful Redundancy". There were a lot of job-related things i had to start and finish the last years. Additionally i became father again, again and again. Furthermore i moved back to Northern Germany. It took a lot of years of hard work and preparation to come back home. Now it is done. I feel very good here and my new studio is a place of inspiration and energy. Seems to be a happy end. I want to finish my next release, as quickly as i can, because time flies. I released my first official album over 10 years ago in 2007 - that is really too long ago. I really think i can release my upcoming album "Beautiful Redundancy" in 2020. Opportunities are better than ever before!!!

The current state is that all the tracks are arranged, composed and have the same technical status. Everything is prepared so i can start instantly mixing and mastering. Luckily a track list exists and the artwork is already finished. Maybe i will make a music video too.

I am satisfied with the tracks because i find them to be very good and hope you will like them as much as i do. Especially the track "Soundsurface Theme" is one of my most intriguing songs i've ever made and this track makes me very proud. I totally love it. This piece has the right to be a theme. I do not reveal too many details here - believe me - you will discover the development of musical style in relation to my first release.

Projects for 2020

1st: release "Beautiful Redundancy"

2nd: re-engineer website and associated social media accounts

3rd: starting new side projects - let yourself be surprised