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Nice of you to visit my site. No matter whether you have found me now accidentally or deliberately, I am delighted. You see in this section, the last big news at a glance. For all other news, see e.g. the social networks in which I am represented. To do this, check out the section "links" on this website.

Thanks to all fans for visiting my website in 2016. I wish you a happy new year and all the best for your families.

My next Release "Beautiful Redundancy" - Why it is not published yet?

Since 2007, I had almost no time and power to work on my next release "Beautiful Redundancy". There were a lot of job-related things I had to execute the last years and i became father again and again. In addition i moved back to Northern Germany - yeah i am back. It took a lot of years of hard work to come back. Now it is done. I feel very good here and my new studio is a place for inspiration and energy. Seems to be a happy end. The next few months is still a lot to do, but i think it is really possible to gets things done and look forward for new projects. I want to finish my next release quickly, because time flies. I released my first album 10 years ago - far too long. I think a release date until 2018 should be realistic for "Beautiful Redundancy".

The current state is that all tracks are arranged and composed. For two tracks i have to record the vocals again. After that I will start the mixing and mastering process of each track. The good news is that a track list already exists and the artwork is finished too. I also plan to release a music video. The material for this was recorded a summer - also some years ago.

I am satisfied with the tracks because I find them to be very good and I hope you will like them as much as I do. Especially the track "Soundsurface Theme" is one of my most intriguing songs I've ever made and this track makes me very proud. I love it. This piece has the right to be a theme. I do not reveal too many details here but believe me you will discover the development of my musical style.

Projects for 2018

First: Finish my next release "Beautiful Redundancy".

Second: Start new projects. I would like to map my music to the periodic system of elements. That means i will transfer the periodic table of elements into my music - will be a lifetime project because of the amount of elements respectively tracks.

Third: Making a complete new design of my website.